Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Around The Circle

Hey guys, Alexa here, and this will be using this space as an official blog to post inspirations/current work/findings.

As for me, I am currently a student at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with an equal interest/focus in Illustration and Graphic Design. I've worked freelance illustrating for a children's psychology book, designed backgrounds for an animated short, and interned in the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum's PR department, with another internship on the horizon at Baker Associates. I enjoy doing a bit of everything. My primary medium started out traditional with Prismacolor markers and expanded to include Gouache and large amounts of Illustrator CS3 in school.

I've got interests in the tech, cultural, and natural world. When not exploring the limits of the Adobe Suit I enjoy running, hiking, and biking long distance. Movies at the Uptown are a do and I'm heavily in to the music scene. Different forms of electronic generally interest me the most but truthfully my musical tastes change almost daily. Favorite genres include: Shoegaze, N.Y. Rock, Dream Pop, some Folk
and electronic genres: IDM, Minimal, Electro, Electronic/Hip-Hop Hybrids, anything that is expertly cut.

As for illustrative/design findings I will post here there will not be a singular style. I prefer bits and pieces from a lot of different styles. Historically a lot of my favorite work has been Cali-style popart, graffiti-inspired art, designer vinyl ala Robot Love, new weird folk stuff; colorful, highly graphic styles that splice design and illustration. I also appreciate renaissance-style painting--especially when paired with distinct modern stylization of the figure/grotesque elements. And for that matter anything futuristic/modernistic/grotesque (think Matthew Barney's Ram Bagpipe from Cremaster III). Warm, organic, streamlined design like a lot of what comes from Scandinavia inspires me. Print makers like those of Aesthetic Apparatus and Faesthetic inspire me, the list is pretty long.

Check www.alexathoen.com. for more work

x Alexa

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