Thursday, September 10, 2009

Space/Time; A Drama in Ten Dimensions

Yes, the name is a play on the title of Flatland, which I found pretty appropriate for this particular publication project. For this paper I curated a number of articles from Wikipedia that would help explain the first ten dimensions, one per page. The diagrams and photos on each page also involve elements from the environments of the particular dimension. Since I am sure you are burning with curiosity, here they are:
1-3: a line, a line intersected (plane), a plane intersected (cube) {x,y,z-most familiar}
4: your life spread out as a tesseract, a onion-skin of sorts in which you can see every stage of your life at once, also known as time
5: another possible lifeline intersects yours, you can see that alternate reality
6: you can travel through this dimension (fold) to spontaneously reach that alternate reality {I was an graphic designer, and then all of a sudden I was an accomplished physcian}
7: The birth and death of our universe is spread out as an onion skin, in which we can see every stage
8: Another possible universe intersects ours, we can see that universe
9: We can fold to travel to that alternate universe {I spontaneously travel to the universe in which humans are all inside out}
10: All possible lifelines and universes exist as a single point, infinity, beautiful

The final piece was printed on graph paper and bound with silver mylar. Fan-plastic.

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