Friday, October 30, 2009

Kafka's Metamorphosis

Final illustration for Kafka's The Metamorphosis. The concept is to provide insight in to Gregor's fleeting humanity as he becomes accustomed to being a gigantic cockroach. His only lonely love is a glossy female magazine cutout that he has framed, she is wearing a gigantic fur coat. In this illustration her coat is made out of hairy cockroaches.

About three shapes replicated mostly for the figure, and Modern No. 20 exclamation points and question marks make up the background. I am loving working in black and white lately, the possibility of making gigantic kip prints of this for junior review is seeming like a good idea at this point.

Finally, Jill Tracy, definitely the soundtrack for this piece:


Art Director + Design said...

OMG Alex!!!

This is so awesome!!!!


mnelson said...

This is WONDERFUL! I'm sure it looks super great next to the text too.