Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Little Giant Cover Design

Last time you'll see this damn rabbit illustration, I swear! This is the cover of the textbook I am redesigning, The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Superstitions. I intend to post full spreads when I have the time to make a serious update, in the meantime this gives the overall feel of the book. I am going for an updated 'storybook' feel, thus the illustrated manuscript-esque illustrations paired with the modern functionality of DIN. This is for a comp, so the color scheme might change in the final.

1 comment:

Ed Choy Moorman said...

-more hierarchy on title - maybe 'superstitions' bigger... make more use of that front text box.
-type with lowercase in back text box
-maybe tone down the blue a bit so the yellow pops more, and so it's a little less busy... it's so CRAZY!

pretty cool. looks like the kind of thing I would really like as a kid. it'll be nice to see it when it's a physical mock up. I hope it'll be hardcover.