Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bad Romantic

If you do not know who this is, you need to crawl out of the culture-proof refuge you are hiding in. When asked to do a waterfall-themed illustration, I thought of "making rain" (throwing money), then auras of affluence, and finally arrived at this image of Lady Gaga. I enjoy Lady Gaga because she is in to trash culture and fashion, which I think arrives closer to the essence of pop music than the bubblegum image that was popular when I was going to high school. Lady Gaga's voice is slightly less than mediocre, her lyrics are terrible, but her presence is gargantuan and her songs are catchy--so I guess that would make me a Gaga supporter, whoo Bad Romance.
On a completely separate note I think that this is the most beautiful thing I have heard since I first listened to Slowdive's When The Sun Hits. I blame all the Gregg Araki movies I was watching over break, every soundtrack is shoegaze and industrial-infused gold. This band out of Lima made the best shoegaze album of the year two years ago, and I can tell why.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I know that we have all puzzled over this question at least one time during our lives. What happens when a bear luchador cyborg meets a wolve luchador cyborg? A fatality, a fatality happens. Happy birthday Emily, it is only a few months late.

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Only Certainity, Now Calculatable

Piece illustrating the Reliability Theory of Aging and Longetivity. After much research I concluded that the most important part of the coagulation of psychiatric and sociological terminology was the idea that the theory could be used to apply mathematical models to the human process of aging. Insurance agencies like this. Excited that it will be appearing in Nomenclature Issue 1, curated/edited by Chris Santoso . More pages to come in perhaps a little bit. I, um, wrote a poem for it but I'm editing that done quite a bit, it might not make it.

Also, Science! has gotten in to the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles exhibition 48. It will be exhibited beginning Spring 2010. Much love to the West Coast and more on that soon to come.