Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bad Romantic

If you do not know who this is, you need to crawl out of the culture-proof refuge you are hiding in. When asked to do a waterfall-themed illustration, I thought of "making rain" (throwing money), then auras of affluence, and finally arrived at this image of Lady Gaga. I enjoy Lady Gaga because she is in to trash culture and fashion, which I think arrives closer to the essence of pop music than the bubblegum image that was popular when I was going to high school. Lady Gaga's voice is slightly less than mediocre, her lyrics are terrible, but her presence is gargantuan and her songs are catchy--so I guess that would make me a Gaga supporter, whoo Bad Romance.
On a completely separate note I think that this is the most beautiful thing I have heard since I first listened to Slowdive's When The Sun Hits. I blame all the Gregg Araki movies I was watching over break, every soundtrack is shoegaze and industrial-infused gold. This band out of Lima made the best shoegaze album of the year two years ago, and I can tell why.

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Ben Ross said...

Haha! This is awesome!