Sunday, February 28, 2010


This is what has been occupying my time lately, I fear that I have fallen in love with screenprinting. These are a couple of preliminary trials. The bird is an inuit pattern that I carved out by hand and the circle is an illustration following up the last dealing with the acquired desire of cute animals. Much more to come. I am looking to sell a couple of these prints so if you are interested message me @ :).

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It feels good to finally draw something by hand, at least it did until I finished inking it, long periods of digital illustrating lead to thumb atrophy. Subject is on the pack mentality, a desire to conform that I believe is an innate desire or compulsion depending on your particular set of beliefs. My friend Courtney was leaving her job one day to find herself amongst a throng of nearly identical teenagers in blue plaid shirts and long black hair, who proceeded eye her with disdain. Courtney has been wearing plaid since grunge.

If I don't go dancing this weekend I am going to bust some kneecaps. Kneecaps will be busted. If I get to dance to this dance porn then I might even be able to stave off busting kneecaps for another couple of weeks.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Visual Drone

This is a follow up piece to the last post. I used this opportunity to explore the ways darks can be used as the lights functioned in the previous piece. The piece started out as a portrait of the electroclash band Ladytron and ended up as a piece representing electronically influenced music in general. Again, mostly an experiment in color and effects, cyan and yellow to complement the magenta of Lady Gaga. Strangely, this is one of the most intensive illustrator projects that I have worked on, the line count is huge. I will gladly cross the finish line of this waterfall project.

Also, I have come upon a wealth of new music at ISO50 (designer/musician Scott Hansen/Tycho's blog) This is just one of the many finds, I like the direction this kind of pop music is going.