Monday, November 22, 2010


Sale Sale Sale
The MCAD Art Sale is over and I sold a lot, my woodblocks did particularly well which surprised me a bit. Still I've got some prints left over and I don't like multiples so I'm pretty much giving them away at a discounted price. Email me at if you would like to purchase something.

Organic Forms Woodblock $10

Untitled Woodblock $10

Wood Tones Woodblock $10

C Screenprint $20

Eco Bombs Screenprint $20

CC Screenprint $10

Inuit Screenprint $10

Blue Blood $40

Visual Drone $10

Bad Romantic $10

Bon Voyage $10


Dylan Davis said...

these are really awesome. I go to MCAD and I'm taking my first print-related class this semester, and learning how to do screenprinting.. it's tough so, mucho respect!

also, after I get my next work/study paycheck I may be interested in buying a print of Hysteria or Blue Blood..

Anonymous said...

awesome, just let me know, I've got all of the prints in my studio right now so it would just be a quick trip. Good luck with your screenprinting endeavors, 'tis a cruel but fair mistress lol.