Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Continuous Patterns: Continued

These are further explorations of the continuous pattern. My goal was to start more simple and geometric, unfortunately that did not pan out. The original Hypnopedia created by Emigre spurred the idea of the continuous pattern, and seeing the graphics that were created in that family it was clear that something like a letterform was taken and manipulated. True to that form each of these patterns are a based on a taking a letterform and illuminating it. And lots of replicating.

I was illustrating a simple neighborhood using a Base Nine 'R' for the pattern above and when I went to replicate it--BAM, robots appeared (it was scary).

Somewhere in the abstraction there is an Vag Rounded 'A'. This was very difficult to seam together but I finally got all of the lines.

Very simple, I didn't want to touch it. There is a Caslon 't' that is fairly prominent.

This was a difficult stretch of pattern created from an illustrated Bifur 'L'. The following has the original formation that I created and then manipulated to make this pattern.

Simple, innocuous neighborhood scene. I never would have guessed.

Somewhat like Houndstooth.

The original setting. Word is 'lithe', which Bifur is not.

These are getting more complex.

Bifur goes up in flame.

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