Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gambling and Chinese Contraban

I am very happy with how this turned out. Gambling is illegal in China and the even a mention of how much you enjoy feeding the meter could land you in jail, a labor camp, or a bathtub full of ice (because your kidneys have been taken). Ok, the last one is largely speculation--but if you speculate about illicit kidney trading in China you will land yourself back in jail (coincidence?).

In any case I took great liberties with the symbolism surrounding any kind of gambling. The tradeout propaganda statement, "Tomorrow will be better" is intended as a gross generalization of the ways in which we gamble in our daily lives (and was featured at the 60th anniversary of the Chinese Communism). And I am aware that the Maneki Neko originated as a Japanese emblem of good fortune--every culture has the possibility of being referenced in this project. Along with the Happy Cat I referenced, cards, the duality of the club and spade suit as positive and negative, lottery balls (portraying Chinese-censored numbers), and pachinko boards. The color is luck, affluence, the movement pattern of pachinko balls, and rainbow liquid shower.

The piece is four by 6 feet and best viewed at that size.

A new signature I'm trying on for size.

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