Sunday, March 11, 2012

Number One: Lyrics of the Land

Much, much work went in to this as a conglomeration of techniques and I am very happy with the outcome, although the text treatment might change as it is art nouveau style dated and I am aiming for a less centralized, modern gridded asymmetrical layout. The statement within are both created from words that are and were censored in China and statements that came from a 60th anniversary of the communist party in China--Propaganda intermingled.

I think it would be helpful to explain my idea in greater depth. I am trying to create a commentary on totalitarian regimes and power discrepancies rather than a direct political statement on China. I want the poster to end up looking like some kind of interrogation episode in which the truth intermingles with a foreign idea. The pieces of propaganda that I am dealing with are perfect in their elevation of the ruling class, and the censored keywords are things that a free nation would express daily. I want their integration to be beautiful, strange, and abstract.

This might not be as apparent in this beginning piece as it was the one that I have cut my teeth on, using all the techniques instead of a few. But I look forward especially to the coming ones in which the layout in particular will be better planned.


Karlisha Gray said...

Oddly this reminds me of aubrey beasley

Nadia Alenov said...

You are amazing

Nathaniel Loman said...

This is beautiful. Very well done... I agree, it evokes Beardsley meets the 60's retro-future