Thursday, May 10, 2012

Exhibition Main Gallery @ MCAD

My thesis exhibition is up on the wall parallel to the front doors. The finished banners are printed on silk and sewn by a local artisan. Shown are the censored themes of (left to right): Sex, gambling, opulence/hedonism, alcohol/narcotics. I am incredibly happy to have these up in front of such a varied audience. The cards that I printed are disappearing rapidly.

Also shown is a process book documenting the entire project from the beginning theoretical stage, to pattern making, and the finished illustrations. It came to around 135 pages of written content that I nitpicked as I enjoy copy-writing greatly.

Come and see it before Sunday when it is taken down.

I also have a tumblr up, please add me :)


Karlisha Gray said...

Awesome!!! I love those colors you used. How you do all that is beyond words girl!

I want a business card and postcard too :(

Alexa said...

facebook me your address again and you can have one :)