Friday, February 22, 2013

Married to the Sea

  With this piece I started three weeks back, I wanted to make a commentary on a statement that had often crossed my mind, Married to the Sea. What attached me to the idea of being married to the sea was its classical and romantic overtones as well as its application as a method of existence in a variety of contexts. I wanted the sense of adventure and tenacity of a voyage in a ship. I also wanted to create the sea's poor wife in layers of lace and water.

I feel like I succeeded in making a vector painting. Below is a gif with the full process from image, something that I haven't recorded before now--from reference to capture the basic outlines of the face and ship to the creation of my own lines and layered pattern and color.

I am hoping to show this piece some time within the next year. It was designed at 3 1/2 ft but the unique benefit to using vector is that this painting can be printed at 40 ft. I am pretty happy to see this finished so I can share some of my process with you as well.


Hunter Roper said...

So this is hand-painted? Or is a computer program that you enter your design into?

Michael Hayes Is Here said...

The amount of detail you put into your work baffles my mind and its become more stunning with each year. Simply amazing Alexa!