Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hexagon Lace

Working on a big piece under the theme "Married to the Sea". Check back for  progress updates, I'm making lace out of hexagons.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hakone : A New Free Font

I am proud to announce Hakone, my first typeface! Originally created to accompany my original characters, I decided to expand it to include three different weights and a full set of glyphs.

As well as being cute it would be well suited to use internationally, in a academic thesis paper, or by mathematicians. The three fonts are fully kerned (over 1000 pairs!) but this is also the beta version, so please feel free to write in with issues.

The font is incredibly versatile and stacks very easily, head on over the the link below for a free download:

Download Hakone

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Strawberry Kiwi Birds, Cats-in-a-Box and Other Sketches for Temp. Tattoos

Hello there, I have been working on a variety of projects that I haven't been able to update with yet. Hear are some further sketches for a line of temporary tattoos from TACK that should be available for sale soon. Also awaiting finishing is my first typeface that is called Hakone. It will be available to download soon; It is the typeface featured in these tattoo designs and was created particularly to complement the series of cute things I have been illustrating including CatCat. CatCat will also be featured on a few greeting cards from a company that will soon be up and running by Faesthetic mastermind Dustin Hostetler.

On top of this I have been designer t-shirts and identity for streetwear brand City for Kings, hopefully I will be able to link to their webshop soon, I am very excited to see their stuff up.

In the time I am not doing this I am illustrating bread-characters, a couple of which are featured as god and the devil (cupcake and an apple fritter) on my Christmas Card (I am an open-minded and non-judgemental Christian)--Happy Holidays!